Find New Gamer Friends and Stay Better Connected to Existing ones

Gamr2Gamr is a social hub for gamers. Use Gamr2Gamr to find other players based on criteria you specify such as language rating, age, skill level, location and more. Gamr2Gamr also lets you stay better connected to your existing friends. When you have Gamr2Gamr installed, you'll know when your friends come online, and you'll be able to "knock" on your offline friend's "door" to ask them to come play.

What makes it awesome

Do you ever get online to play and none of your friends are online? You still want to play online, but don't want to get thrown into a lobby with obnoxious people. Now you don't have to. Use Gamr2Gamr to find new friends to play with based on age, language rating, location, and more.

Online Notifications

Always know when your friends are online.


If your friend is offline, just tap to "knock" on their door to see if they can play.

Gamer Search

Looking for a specific friend? Just search for them.

Browse for Gamers

Easily find gamers based on games played, skill level, language, time zones and more.

How it Works

Gamr2Gamr helps you do 2 things:
1. We help you find new gamer friends. With Gamr2Gamr you can find new friends based on games played, skill level, age, language, language ratings, online status and more. No more getting thrown into lobbys with random people.
2. We help you stay connect to existing friends. Never miss a gaming session with your friends. Once you become friends in the Gamr2Gamr app, you will then get notifications whenever a friend comes online. You'll also have the ability to "knock" on a friend's door to ask them to play. Instant, secure communication makes it easy to know when your friends are online and if they're not invite them to join.

Simple & Useful

We designed our interface to be simple & easy to navigate. Gamr2Gamr opens to your friends list so you can easily see who's online and knock them if they're not. If you need new friends, just tap the search tab, pick a platform and game and you'll be shown a list of users who also play that game. You can then filter by age, location, country, skill level and more. Once you find someone you want to friend, just send them a request.

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Frequently asked questions

What is knocking?

Knocking is the communication method between friends. This allows your friends to 'knock on your door' to see if you are able to play online or not.

How can I adjust my notification settings?

Click PROFILE, Click the COG on the upper-right corner, Click NOTIFICATION SETTINGS

How can I change my avatar?

Click PROFILE, Click the COG on the upper-right corner, Click UPLOAD AVATAR.

How can I change my password?

Click PROFILE, Click the COG on upper-right corner, Click CHANGE PASSWORD.

Can I suggest a game to be added to the app?

We’re looking for your suggestions of popular game titles to add. Please us the CONTACT US button on the ABOUT tab.

What notification settings can I control?

Each user can control notifications for when their friends come online, for receiving request and knocking.

What gaming platforms are supported?

Currently, XB 360, XB One , PS3, PS4, PC, Steam, Origin, and Wii U platforms are supported.

How does it work?

Each user will create a profile and select games that they play. Once the profile is completed, users search for other gamers based on games that they’re looking to find to play with. Once a gamer is found, the user will review the profile and request a friendship. Once the gamer accepts the friends’ request, the user will be able to view the online gamer tag to search for that user on their gaming platforms network.

How do I add a game to my profile?

Tap PROFILE, Tap the COG on upper-right corner, Tap ADD A GAME

How can I remove a friend?

Click PROFILE, Click FRIENDS, Click on the friend you'd like to remove, Click UNFRIEND

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