Frequently asked questions

We try to update these questions as we get asked, but please Contact Us if you have a question that's not listed here.

How can I remove a friend?

Click PROFILE, Click FRIENDS, Click on the friend you'd like to remove, Click UNFRIEND

How do I add a game to my profile?

Tap PROFILE, Tap the COG on upper-right corner, Tap ADD A GAME

How does it work?

Each user will create a profile and select games that they play. Once the profile is completed, users search for other gamers based on games that they’re looking to find to play with. Once a gamer is found, the user will review the profile and request a friendship. Once the gamer accepts the friends’ request, the user will be able to view the online gamer tag to search for that user on their gaming platforms network.

What gaming platforms are supported?

Currently, XB 360, XB One , PS3, PS4, PC, Steam, Origin, and Wii U platforms are supported.

What notification settings can I control?

Each user can control notifications for when their friends come online, for receiving request and knocking.

Can I suggest a game to be added to the app?

We’re looking for your suggestions of popular game titles to add. Please us the CONTACT US button on the ABOUT tab.

How can I change my password?

Click PROFILE, Click the COG on upper-right corner, Click CHANGE PASSWORD.

How can I change my avatar?

Click PROFILE, Click the COG on the upper-right corner, Click UPLOAD AVATAR.

How can I adjust my notification settings?

Click PROFILE, Click the COG on the upper-right corner, Click NOTIFICATION SETTINGS

How can I update the information on my Gamr2Gamr profile?

Click PROFILE, click the COG on the upper-right corner, Click EDIT PROFILE

How do I update my online status?


How do I remove a game from my profile I no longer own?

Click PROFILE, under GAMES, touch the game you wish to remove.

What is knocking?

Knocking is the communication method between friends. This allows your friends to 'knock on your door' to see if you are able to play online or not.

What is Gamr2Gamr?

Gamr2Gamr allows online gamers to find and connect with each other online.